AEKIDIUS is dedicated to help those with mobility needs live the highest quality of life possible, mobility Products are more than tools, it is liberty, freedom and first necessity. As one of the world’s leading innovator in electronic wheelchairs for elderly and disabled people, always striving for quality and maximum comfort. manufacturer of personal mobility products Aekidius fights strongly against programmed obsolescence.


AEKIDIUS ships in every single country in the world and 100% FREE.
At this date, due to covid and Christmas, we estimate the shipping delays around 24 days for most of country’s around the world instead of the 7 usual days in normal global conditions.


If you meet any issues with your received order you can reach us to find a solution together. If you want to reach AEKIDIUS customer service and ask for an RMA intervention please reach us by mail at info@aekidius.com.

The product returned need to be in perfect/new conditions with no traces of anything that can say it was manipulated or used already by someone.

If you are not happy with your wheelchair you have 14 days after you receive your order to contact us for a return process.


You can reach every day the customer service available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch. Write a mail at info@aekidius.com explaining who you are (Customer account, The subject, and the reason for what you reach us.